Tuesday, July 29, 2008

About the title

Growing up with the most common name in the English language has forced me to adapt some coping skills. With a name that is so common that it is given to men who don't have a name, "John Doe," it is necessary not be too serious about it as my identity.

Other things that will drive Johns of the world crazy is the use of our name as the bathroom. "I have to use the John," used to turn me three shades of red.

Another less than flattering use of "John" is as someone who pays for sex. I've never paid cash for sex so that excludes me from earning the name.

Finishing up my fourth decade, I just don't get worked up about my name like I used to. I was named after an uncle who was kind and generous, the other Johns of the world didn't come into consideration when my name was picked out by my parents before I was born. And to be honest I feel I dodged a bullet not being named Drew, because I look enough like that guy all ready.