Sunday, July 25, 2010

I must admit, she's pretty dang smart

We went to the bench rather late this evening and were promptly met by mosquitoes.  I told Amanda we should go back in the house but she had a better idea.  "Back porch.  Use the fan and no bugs."  The kid is a genius.

While on the back porch I decided to follow one of the wild rabbits around the yard.  I was within four feet of him for ten minutes as I followed him all over the yard.  I only stopped because Amanda was calling me back to the patio.  That was a lot of fun.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Disney like

In the backyard tonight we had two young rabbits and a squirrel. We've had rabbits for years because my house is completely encircled by concrete roads and the backyard is fenced. It keeps the predators at bay.

It is quite peaceful.

Keeping it fresh

What I think is so great about being in a life long committed relationship, aka marriage, is that you never stop learning new things about your spouse.  Just last week I learned something new.

Years ago we moved into a new house.  Tina and I were setting things up in the kitchen when I heard a noise come from one of the bedrooms.  Being curious as to what it was I went back to check it out.  It was nothing more than a sound that came from the neighbor's air conditionor, but when I turned around there was Tina standing right behind me with a claw hammer.  I said, "What are you doing?"

My sweet young wife told me she was there to protect me.  I have to tell you, that made me feel really good and for the last seventeen years I have always felt like Tina was on my side. 

Now fast forward to last week.  Tina, Amanda and I are splashing around in the pool on a hot summer's day when I feel something hit my ear.  I reach up and start feeling around my head and ask Tina if she saw something.  She said she has seen a dragonfly buzzing around.  I turn my head and she screams and runs, splashes, swims and eventually leaps out of the pool.  I reach up to my ear and grab a small frog.  My response is a little different than Tina's.  I show the frog to Amanda and then toss it into the bushes.

Meanwhile, Tina is panting and pointing and telling me to check the rest of the pool for more frogs.

So what I discovered is this: if I am attacked by a frog I had better be able to defend myself because Tina will just let it eat me.