Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Ride

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I have lived in Texas for 34 years, which is most of my life. But you have to understand I'm not the typical east Texas male citizen. I don't hunt anything larger than a noisy cricket that keeps me awake, I don't worship UT football, I don't consider macaroni and cheese a vegetable and until very recently I have never owned a pickup.

This last point is important. Three weeks ago I traded off my beloved Malibu LTZ which was sneaky fast and fun, for a 2010 Crew cab Dodge Ram pickup. Why did I do this when I haven't even worn my boots in ten years? Well it is simple really. If I am ever to take my family with me beyond the borders of Texarkana I need to be able to take our necessities with us.

We aren't just a special needs family, we're a special needs a lot family.

Amanda's wheelchair and my golf clubs require more than even a Tahoe can accommodate. So I joined the Dodge revolution

This monster has nearly 400 horsepower, independent front suspension, rollout bed cover with locking tailgate and more interior room than my parent's old Buick Estate wagon.

So we've made our first road trip in it last week and it was the perfect vehicle. For the first time in ages we had everything we needed including space. When you are as together as much as we are personal space is very important. The front seats are even divided by a console with shifter.

So I'll have this vehicle for a while as we have discovered how much Amanda likes to travel.