Thursday, April 28, 2011

Latest trip

I had a quick trip to Chicago this week for an important meeting.

I flew out Tuesday morning from TXK to DFW. Had a nice lunch at TGIFridays and then proceeded to wait and wait for my delayed flight.

I ended up in the dreaded middle seat of an MD-80 but was fortunate enough to sit next to a retired minister. He saw the latest picture of Amanda on my iPad and commented on her smile. I'll attach the picture to the post.

We had a pleasant conversation about being a parent and he asked me about the challenges of being Amanda's dad.

I had a hard time really considering them challenges, it's simply what it takes to be her Dad. Like Monday night when she was so distraught about her softball game being postponed due to weather. I had to bear hug her until she relaxed. That's not a challenge, that is parenting.

The old man liked my outlook on it and I have to admit, his admiration made me feel pretty good.

My flight home was delayed more than two hours which ate up my hour and a half layover. I missed the last flight to TXK and once again questioned my company's choice for it's international headquarters.

But I got lucky. My area salesman for Texas was home in Lewisville, TX, only thirty minutes from the airport. He picked me up and started driving me east while Tina and Amanda came west with enthusiasm and gusto. At 10:15 I met my beloved girls in Greenville. I transferred my suitcase from on vehicle to another and then drove them the 120 miles home. They said they had a fun drive and were glad they could rescue me.

Amanda fell asleep in the car a few times as it was past her bedtime, but she never complained. We had her tucked in by 12:30.

So, when someone asks her about the challenges of having a traveling daddy, she can say, "They aren't challenges, I just do what I have to do."